Hosting a Clinic with Amy

Amy is passionate about teaching people to reach excellence with their horses. She teaches clinics in all levels. She’s also certified to teach 3 day clinics on the Game of Contact.

The cost for a regular clinic (not including Game of Contact- see details below on GoC clinic costs) with Amy is $1000 per day plus travel expenses (travel and lodging). She can teach up to 8 students. So once you divide the price by the number of students you’d like to host, it can be a great deal! The host will determine the cost for each rider and for auditors.

The cost for a Game of Contact clinic is a bit different. The cost for riders and auditors is already set. It’s $750 for riders and $250 for auditors. Amy covers the cost of travel but does require lodging. A minimum of 6 riders is needed in order for a clinic to happen.  A maximum of 10 riders are allowed.

Hosts are invited to either have a spot to ride in the clinic or to have private lessons with Amy.

If you’re interested in hosting a clinic with Amy please contact

Nate at 970-310-7196 or

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